Creativity + Cause

Creativity is eclectic and bold Ideas, and dreams dared.
It brings light, hope, and magic.
No child should ever be denied an opportunity to explore, imagine, and express that magic inside.

We want to harness the power or creativity and cast its potential for
good out into the world.

Our commitment to creativity…..
is fostered through supporting small businesses and individuals comprised of artists and artisans.
Every item on Good Spark is hand designed / handcrafted.

Our commitment to cause…..
is through support of local non-profit organizations with a mission to bring arts education and creativity to children within
their communities.

Circle of Impact business model….
We’re calling it “Circle of Impact.”
Your purchase directly enables small businesses and artists to flourish, as well as give back to community by supporting programs that encourage the magical genius of creativity within the next generation.



20% of the retail price for every item is donated to one of the featured non-profits of YOUR choosing.

Each season, a new city will be featured.
Highlighting artisans from that city, as well as non-profits. Every item sold from that city collection,
25% of the retail price from that specific city collection will go toward those featured non-profits.


Our Mission

To utilize the power of creativity to build community and impact change.