And art, and music, and dance.

IMAGINE……taking away the tools our children use to grow and learn -- pencils, papers, books.
Imagine our children growing up without the ability to read, write, or learn arithmetic.  The very idea is preposterous and unheard of. These are fundamental building blocks necessary for a child to grow into a mature functioning adult.

IMAGINE….taking away a child's ability to learn how make decisions, to learn how to analyze, and to learn how to become world-class problem solvers and innovators like Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, even Albert Einstein. That is creativity.
Creativity is using imagination. Imagination is cognitive development. 

When creativity, in any form, is minimized or diminished altogether in a child's early years it is more than taking away some crayons, or the ability to provide music or dance lessons, or some kind of art lessons. It is closing doors to self-expression, to learning how to problem solve and think outside of the box.